Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29 2015 Tuesday

Christmas was wonderful.  I served lunch to my daughter, her husband and her two young adult sons.  We enjoyed being together and sharing our Christmas day. 

They are in their new house and it is truly a beautiful home and just the right size for the two of them.  Both of my daughters sons live in other states.  One of her sons is in the construction industry and he has been a blessing to all of us while here visiting.  He hung my large pictures.  At my daughters house he has hung, installed and anything else that needed to be done, he has done it.  He has been the best Christmas present we have had this year.

Each day I have gone to my house and cleaned.  It is looking better and better each day.  Thursday my youngest daughter is coming over and we will finish up and then hopefully it will sell by the first of June.  At this time of the year very little real estate is being purchased. 

Back in the spring this same daughter painted my front porch.  Yesterday I looked out the front door and what did I see, evidence that the birds are back roosting on the ledge.  I MUST find something that will stop them ASAP.  I went online this morning and researched various products to see what might stop the problem.  Guess I will call grandson this morning and see if he has a resolution.

Onward to 2016!

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