Saturday, March 8, 2014

Warmer Days

Today has been a beautiful day in Georgia.  After a very, very cold winter we are enjoying warmer weather and bright, warm sunshine.  High today was 70 degrees!

I went outside about 11:00 to get the mail and realized it had really warmed up quickly.  Yard work was needed along with other outside chores so I started doing what I wanted to get done before running out of energy.

First was to vacuum out the car and clean up an oil spill on the car floor.  Next I connect up one of the leaf blowers to the new 100 foot cord and blew out the garage.  Then it was time for lunch.

After a quick lunch of a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich I headed back out to the yard for heavy duty work.  I started by trimming four of the knock out roses that were in bad shape.  After trimming I realized that the roses were in worse shape than I realized and when I pulled rather hard on one of them it just came out of the ground.  I declared it dead.  Looking at the others I realized they also were on their last leg and pulled up another one and dug up the other two.  Knock out roses are really pretty for a few years but as they age they really start dying and I think it is better to just get rid of them and replant if you choose to do so.  These four are now gone and will not be replanted.

I proceeded to trim back a lantana that I planted last year.  I planted it on a hill in my side yard to see how I would like having lantana on this hill.  I liked it very much as it blooms all summer giving the yard some color.  Also, the deer do not like it so I consider it a deer resistant shrub and will be planting more on that hill this summer.

Next I cut back three knock out roses down by the mailbox that are still healthy.  While in this area of the yard I also trimmed back some ground cover plants that bloom in the fall. 

One of my neighbors stopped by and we chatted for a while and then I realized how tired I was and went in for the day.  It felt so good to be physically able to get back out in the yard and believe me there is much more to do in the coming warm days.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



My blogging just has not happened this year for many reasons.  Today I was thinking about life, family and friends that have been close to my heart the past few years.  I have been truly blessed by many.

After my husband died in late 2012 my next door neighbor saw that I was having problems with my yard being mowed on schedule by my yard service.  It seemed my yard was the last yard to get mowed on their schedule every two weeks.  As often happens in the south the summer afternoon rains would come in and my yard would not get mowed.  So often it was over three weeks between mowing.   

 I cannot mow my front yard myself as it is on a hill.  I purchased  a self propelled mower and mowed my back yard once.  My wonderful next door neighbor saw me mowing and immediately came out and said “No” you are not mowing this yard.  He had all the equipment and a large riding lawn mower and has mowed my yard since that day.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful neighbors and friends.  Today I called his wife and told her that anytime her husband does not have time or energy to mow my yard to let me know and I will make arrangements to have it mowed.  She said “Oh we have that covered as I am going to run the mower this summer for both of our yards and my husband is going to run the weed eater”.  Oh how thankful I am for such loving friends and neighbors.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year 2014

There has been no blogging for over a month on my blog due to the holidays and illness.  Without going into too much detail I will simply say I was sick for the entire month of December with bronchitis and spent most of the month wrapped in quilts and blankets sitting in my recliner taking meds.Throw in Christmas events and a family wedding and before I knew it January 2014 was here.  I am much, much better and I know I am finally almost recovered.After the first of the year I pulled out scraps from an earlier quilt and started sewing blocks.  I would love to make 80 blocks with would result in a nice throw quilt.  Also I have managed to get the binding on another scrap quilt.  Lots of fabric remains upstairs and I really hope to get many quilts made this year.I wish all of you Happy Quilting in 2014.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

This and That

This weekend I watched the Georgia-Florida football game and increased my quantity of gray hairs.  To be so far ahead and then win by only three points was truly an “edge of the chair” four hours.  Go Dawgs!

I live in a very small town about twenty miles from Athens, GA.  We have spent our late summer weeks in the middle of a very hot and often nasty political campaign.  Our local newspaper editor has sided with the liberals and has not been unbiased about who he is supporting nor have the feature writers in their columns.  It would be so nice if the newspaper could just present the true facts of each canidate and let the people vote for who they want to.

I enjoy television.  Living alone I find that it is something to do to pass the time especially at night.  Of course I usually have some handwork in my lap or have the laptop in my lap.  But this TV season it is just hard to fine shows that I enjoy or have an interest in.   I am not interested in The Real Housewives of whatever town they live in, nor do I enjoy Survival or Amazing Race type programs.  And my goodness the so called comedy programs I do not even think about watching those.  I like programs that have a story line with a beginning and an ending.  I lean more toward the mystery TV programs.  And I love Downton Abby and will be so glad when it returns.

Books are my life savers.  I love to read and I like to take my time reading a book and savor every word. Currently I am reading Sycamore Row by John Grisham and I think it will be a good read.  I just finished reading Changing Shadows by Phillip Herman, a new author.  Really enjoyed the story line and I like his writing style.

Quilting is my passion and currently I am in the process of making a quilt for a sweet three year old.  She is a family friend and this quilt was requested by one of my children to give to her for Christmas.

My last comment is on Daylight Saving time.  I really wish they would just select one or the other and stick with it all year.  It would simplify life.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Quilts

I quilt on Monday's with a group at our local Methodist Church.  We have all types of quilts brought into us to quilt.  Honestly some of them are so ugly you want to run out the door with them and throw them into the dumpster.  Many of them are so worn until the fabric starts tearing as you quilt.  But I have learned that each of these quilt have a story to tell and most of them were pieced by a family member who was loved and respected by the now owner of the quilt top.

This quilt top came into us by way of a middle aged lady who said it was pieced by her grandmother and great aunt.  It is one of the few things this lady has that belonged to her grandmother so it is indeed a special treasure. 

Our group quilted the top and when we spoke with the owner about the binding she started telling us where in her home the quilt would be on display on a quilt rack.  The bedroom is decorated in antiques and the iron bed is painted black.  In this quilt there are a few solid black blocks and a few printed black blocks.  The owner asked if we could sew a binding in black to coordinate with her bedroom decor.  I found the perfect binding, a small black and white print.  In this picture the binding has not been sewn to the back but you can see how it just brings everything together and tones down the bright pinks and blues.

Wish I could have shown you the full quilt but in my household now there is only one person with only two arms.  It is truly a sweet quilt and I know the owner with consider it a family treasure.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back To Quilting

I haven’t blogged in the past month mainly because I had nothing to show or say.  I have been very busy trying to get my yard in shape for the winter.  Shrubs and trees have been trimmed and shaped.  Rocks have been moved in order to reduce the size of a flower bed by my mailbox and thirty bags of mulch have been spread in flower beds.  Because of the excessive spring and summer rains we now have excessive ant beds in the yard so I have been aggressively dealing with those little stinging creatures.  All quilting was stopped.

Yesterday I finally went to the sewing room and was successful in sewing a SOAR bag.  Our church helps support a mission project in Mexico.  Each fall SOAR bags are sewn by volunteers.  These bags are approximately 13 x 17 with drawstrings and marked with a child’s age and gender.  Our church members then take a bag or bags and fill them with gifts for that child.  Sometimes in December the bags are collected and transported to Mexico and given to children as Christmas gifts.  Most of the children live in small remote villages in Mexico.  I am going to try and make bags for next Christmas and the bag I just finished yesterday was a sample to see if I could follow the sewing directions I was given.  With a few modifications I can make it work.   

Fabric for a quilt is sitting on the cutting table and I am now motivated to get started planning and cutting into it for the next quilt.