Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Quilt Backing

I love, love the wide backing fabrics for quilts.  It is so much easier for the layering of the top, batting and backing.  Some of my quilts are machine quilted by a dear friend.  Others are quilted by hand on a quilt frame by a local church group and some are spray basted and I hand quilt them.

With a large quilt I feel that an extra wide backing is almost a necessity.  Now here is my problem.  I live in a small town and wide quilt backing is limited.  The quilt shops close to me (5-10 miles) have a very limited selection and the only other option is the nearest JoAnn's which is 20 miles from me.
Occasionally I will order on line but that has been hit or miss.

I really needed a backing so the church quilters can quilt a quilt for me.  On New Years I went to JoAnn's and finally found one that I think will work.  But it is red, red, red.  It's a pretty red and I do like it but now I am thinking that I had better wash that with color catchers.  Maybe several color catchers.

Please wish me lots of luck washing, drying and folding massive amounts of fabric.

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