Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogging and Quilting on Hold

I haven't been blogging or quilting due to a big yard project. Part of our backyard is a small hill that dips toward the house. Beyond the other side of the hill is a beautiful wooded area that we have let remain natural. But that hill and backyard toward the house has been a thorn in our side. We have just had so many problems getting grass to grow and just when we had everything growing we had the problem with the yard caving in due to our wonderful builder digging a pit and burying stumps and building supplied in it. After spending mega bucks a couple of years ago to get that corrected we started trying to rebuild the back yard area. Then my wonderful Sweetman became ill and everything stopped. Last year it was just mowed and a little care by our lawn service company with fertilizer and weed killer.

This year was the year. That yard was going to have grass. I ordered 1 1/2 pallets of bermuda sod and started the process. The afternoon of the delivery I started laying sod (and had no idea what I was doing). But the yard had been aerated twice and top soil placed in many placed to even it out etc. Back to laying sod--I was so tired and still had 1/2 pallet to put down. Here comes my wonderful neighbor plus two other mutual friends and they started helping me. Finally, it was down and we were blessed with good rains for several day.

But I still had some bare spots. So I went and purchased 50 more pieces and that day Sweetman felt good and was able to help me. Now I have one more area that needs about 50 pieces and I hope to get that down this week or next week.

Yesterday two of our grandsons came to visit and they helped me get flowers planted in my barrels and pots and then some down in a bed by our mailbox. Aren't friends and relatives wonderful?

My goal is to get the yard where all I have to do is maintain it and not spend lots of time on it each year.

Hopefully I will be back at quilting very soon and have pictures to share with you.