Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 11 2011 week of Snow and Ice

As you can see we have had about 5-6 inches of snow and ice this week. We have not ventured outside except to put the daily garbage into the outside garbage can. It is truly beautiful! We live on a hill and our driveway is a sheet of ice so I am sure we will not be going out for another couple of days. But today the sun is shinning and there is some movement of vehicles in the subdivision. Today I woke up thinking how thankful I am, and blessed, that I did not have to get out in this icy condition to try and make it to work.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the quilt room trying to finish quilting the borders on a quilt. And today I am trying to get caught up on the washing and then back to the quilt room.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Round

From the most recent weather reports we are in for another round of messy weather. Expecting 3-5 inches of snow and 1/4 inch plus of ice. The ice will be rough as we will have tree limbs down on power lines and power will be out for many people. Our subdivision has underground utilities but the lines coming into our subdivision are all above ground on a road with hugh trees.

We made our mad dash to the grocery store yesterday morning, early, and purchased a few things to get us through the next 2-5 days. Fortunately we have propane logs in the great room but everything else in our house is electric. But we do have the propane grill if I can just get to it with ice on the walkway.

Sweetman and I have been through all of this before, several times, and I think we are as prepared as we can be. Good luck to all of our friends and family from Texas to South Carolina. Stay safe and warm.