Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from Knoxville

The trip to Knoxville for the Quilt Expo was wonderful. Had lots of fun, saw many, many vendors with beautiful merchandise. This was the first year for Knoxville to be the host city. Next year should be even better. No large purchases were made but did pick up more embroidery thread and a beautiful Baltimore Album block series which I am going to share with a friend. She also pick up six of the blocks which she will share with me. This Expo is only about a sixth as large as Paducah but still saw many new quilt patterns. Saw lots of tie-dyed wool fabric. Beautiful colors! Long arm quilting companies were everywhere selling their machines. One vendor was a man who had build a longarm in his garage and now is producing to sell at the expos. Next year I will make it a two night trip as one night just was not long enough to take classes etc. But had a great time, great company and a terrific driver.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off we Go to Knoxville

Tomorrow morning we are off to Knoxville to the Quilt Expo. There are six from our Quilt Guild who will be attending and oohing and aahing over the beautiful quilts. I am anxious over how large or small this Expo will be in comparison to the Paducah Quilt Show. The Paducah show was just wonderful! I had never been to Paducah and to be honest I was overwhelmed. I wanted to buy one of everything! This trip to Knoxville I have a list. After quilting as long as I have, there aren't too many gadgets I need or want. But I do want a Q foot for my Designer 1 USB and there are a couple of books I would like to purchase, also. So I go with a plan. Will report back this weekend. Fabric is like Joy, it makes you feel happy on the inside.

Friday, July 17, 2009

This is a quilt, or part of a quilt, that I am currently working on. Seems to last forever sewing it together! It is from Bethany Reynolds, Magic Stack and Whack, book. I fell in love with the fabric and have really enjoyed sewing it together. But you really have to be careful sewing the blocks together as you have different blocks for different positions on the quilt. I study the block, lay it out to sew, sew it together, study the block instructions again (just to make sure it has been sewn correctly) and then label the block. I think I have six more rows and it will be sewn together. I will then measure the quilt and determine if I am going to add a border. It is turning out to be another monster quilt for the high queen size bed. Hey Ann---put me on your list for the longarm. A joyful noise is pleasing to His ear.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mississippi Fern

Sometimes in the 70's my Dad and aunt drove from Mississippi to Georgia to visit us and Dad brought me a pot full of fern from his yard. One pot. We planted this one pot on the side yard of our house in Clarkston and it grew and spread all along the side of the house. Then we moved to Lawrenceville and in the contract to sell the Clarkston house we stated that we would have the right to dig up some of the fern to move to Lawrenceville. From Lawrenceville to Jefferson, the same thing. When we moved to our house in Jefferson in 2000 we hauled fern and planted it on the backside of the house that gets morning sun and evening shade. It has spread along this space. And this year, with all the rains it is taller than it has ever been. Sweetman measured a piece the other day--48 inches tall. This fern comes back every year and can be dug up and planted most any place that gets afternoon shade. I asked my Dad where he got this fern. With a grin on his face he said, "Some place where you are not suppose to remove plants from". Now he had that fern for years at his house so I am sure he "borrowed" it in the early 50-60's. In his later years I asked again and he told me the Natchez Trace north of where we lived. Today, you can go to jail for removing anything from a Federal or State park. Do you think that applies to the second generation? Need fern--call me.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ohio Star Quilt

Finished, at last. This quilt is rather large as I wanted it to fit my high queen sized bed. My friend, Ann, at Circle Square Quilting Co. did the quilting for me and I just love the way she quilted the top. I loved making this quilt and have enough fabric left over to make a smaller quilt for the back of my wicker chair in the bedroom. Happy Quilting and may you have much joy in your life.

Sweetman Needs New Work Shoes???

Sweetman has a shoe problem. He has worked so hard until his shoes are coming apart. When I inquired about another pair he insisted there was no need to spend money on new workshoes he could just put duct tape around the shoe and it would last at least another year. O.K. (more money for quilt fabric!!!)