Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful

Thanksgiving 2010
November 25, 2010


1. For grandparents and an aunt who loved me unconditionally, had Godly values and high moral standards. Without them my life could have been very differently.
2. For being born in America and most especially for being born and reared in the South.
3. For the First Baptist Church and Broadmoor Baptist Church in Jackson, MS who shaped my bible beliefs and helped shape my life here on earth and my life after death.
4. For the man who came into my life when I was a very young person and who chose me to be his wife. He has been here for 54 years and has loved me, protected me and laughed with me through it all.
5. For the four bright and shinning stars given to us. They have been my life and they have exceeded every expectation I have ever had for them. All have succeeded in life.
6. For the eight grandchildren those bright and shinning stars have given to us to spoil, love and brag on. All of them have been a blessing to our family.
7. For those two little great grand-sons who continue our family.
8. For allowing me to grow up on a farm and for the safety it provided for a shy little girl.
9. For allowing me to grow up in the best of times.
10. For giving me a hobby that I love and the joy it gives me to share with others.
11. For giving me good health.
12. For inheriting my grandfathers thick gray hair.
13. For always having a warm place to sleep in the winter and a cool place to sleep in the summer.
14. For always having enough food to eat.
15. For helping me to have a career and the “smarts” to participate in their savings program.
16. For helping me be able to retire early.
17. For friends.
18. For the love of books.
19. For my two sisters.
20. For sending us to Jefferson, GA to retire.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stack and Whack Quilt

This is a picture of my one and only Stack and Whack quilt that I will ever make. I had always wanted to make one of these quilts. As I started this quilt I was so excited and by the end of sewing the pieces together all I could think of was getting to the end. My daughter loved this quilt so it has found a resting place in her home. Too much fabric, too many triangles and just rather boring sewing it together. But it did turn out to be a pretty quilt and I am glad it is happy at my daughters.