Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cooler Sewing Room

We purchased an A/C for the sunroom/sewing room this weekend. After much discussion, reading and rereading instructions, taking in and out of window several times, the A/C is in the window and working. Yeah--a cool room to sew in. Thanks Sweetman for hanging in there to get it installed ASAP.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Information Than You Want to Know

I am a retired mother, grandmother and wife of one sweet man. Quilting is my passion as far as my hobbies. I also love to machine embroidery. Life isn't interesting unless I have four or five projects going at the same time. Quilting has taken over our house. Sweetman asked that I leave him a bed to sleep in and a bathroom to use. So far, quilting is in the bonus room upstairs, the sitting room, my bedroom, the living room (for the quilt frame) and the sunporch.

When we moved into this house I claimed the bonus room as my sewing room. After 10 years it is full of fabric etc. Then I broke my foot several years ago and ever since my sweetman is scared that I am going to fall down the stairs and break the other foot. So this summer I agreed to move my sewing machine and quilting necessities to the sunroom to see how I liked using it as a quilting room. It's nice, bright and I have a design wall. But it is hot as there is no A/C. So I think we will buy a window unit and then this winter I can buy a portable heater.

Haven't moved the embroidery machine down, yet. But may do so later on this summer.

Have a joyful day.