Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off we Go to Knoxville

Tomorrow morning we are off to Knoxville to the Quilt Expo. There are six from our Quilt Guild who will be attending and oohing and aahing over the beautiful quilts. I am anxious over how large or small this Expo will be in comparison to the Paducah Quilt Show. The Paducah show was just wonderful! I had never been to Paducah and to be honest I was overwhelmed. I wanted to buy one of everything! This trip to Knoxville I have a list. After quilting as long as I have, there aren't too many gadgets I need or want. But I do want a Q foot for my Designer 1 USB and there are a couple of books I would like to purchase, also. So I go with a plan. Will report back this weekend. Fabric is like Joy, it makes you feel happy on the inside.

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