Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015 Thursday

More and more boxes are getting packed.  Things are looking and feeling so much more positive as I can see real progress and the move is in a few short days.  When I get discouraged I remind myself that two weeks from now everything will begin getting more orderly and calmer.

One of the major challenges for this move is what do you do with items that once had special meaning to me or family members and now they are just not so meaningful.  I am going by my daughters rule: If you have not used it or looked at it in two years get rid of it.  By the way, she is also in the moving mode as they are building a new house.

Yesterday I carried a load to a local organization for battered women that has a resale shop.  One car load out of the house.  I hauled 12 lawn bags full of junk down to the street for garbage pick up.  Guess what, new driver and no pick up.  They were still in the subdivision when I realized what had happened and I jumped into my car, barreled down the driveway and frantically drove to their truck blowing my horn the entire way.  The gentlemen was so kind when I explained the situation and they returned to pick up all the bags.  He said it was not marked "trash" so they did not know to pick up.
My normal trash man and I had discussed that there would be brown bags on the street for the next few weeks and they were to be picked up.

Today, more boxes and discarding unwanted items.

I dream at night for a time when I can return to my quilting.

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