Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Quilts

I quilt on Monday's with a group at our local Methodist Church.  We have all types of quilts brought into us to quilt.  Honestly some of them are so ugly you want to run out the door with them and throw them into the dumpster.  Many of them are so worn until the fabric starts tearing as you quilt.  But I have learned that each of these quilt have a story to tell and most of them were pieced by a family member who was loved and respected by the now owner of the quilt top.

This quilt top came into us by way of a middle aged lady who said it was pieced by her grandmother and great aunt.  It is one of the few things this lady has that belonged to her grandmother so it is indeed a special treasure. 

Our group quilted the top and when we spoke with the owner about the binding she started telling us where in her home the quilt would be on display on a quilt rack.  The bedroom is decorated in antiques and the iron bed is painted black.  In this quilt there are a few solid black blocks and a few printed black blocks.  The owner asked if we could sew a binding in black to coordinate with her bedroom decor.  I found the perfect binding, a small black and white print.  In this picture the binding has not been sewn to the back but you can see how it just brings everything together and tones down the bright pinks and blues.

Wish I could have shown you the full quilt but in my household now there is only one person with only two arms.  It is truly a sweet quilt and I know the owner with consider it a family treasure.

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