Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dilemma of Living Alone


I have been by myself for almost three years.  When my sweet husband was healthily he was the person who took care of the yard and all house maintenance.  When he could no longer handle those responsibilities I hired a person to take care of the yard and I became the maintenance woman. 

After his death my next door neighbor took over mowing the lawn.  I had fired the yard person as he was not doing what he was being paid to do.  Then I took over everything in the yard except the mowing.  My single daughter was my helper for two summers but she now has a full time job and does not have the time to help.

I now have hired another lawn care service and I believe this will work out.  I will always be so thankful for neighbor Dean and his generously in helping me out but he has more on his agenda than he can handle and I know he was relieved when I let him retire.


After saying all of this, I have decided it is time for me to give up being a home owner and I have my name on a couple of 55+ apartment communities.  The one I want is in the town I live in and I am number 14 on the wait list.  However, the good news is they are going to build an additional fifty units and I have been assured I would definitely get one of those apartments.  It may be a two year wait but I can survive that long---especially since I hired a lawn service.  This old body cannot do what it once use to be able to do.  Happy days are ahead, even if it is a two year wait.


I have two years to clean out and clear out and I started today with my old “yard” clothes.  They are now in the garbage can.

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