Saturday, July 11, 2015

Do You Wash Your Quilt?


This is a quilt I made for the grandchild of my daughters friend.  It was one of those requests like “Mom, can you make a quilt for H and will it be ready next week”.  Needless to say, my daughter does not sew and has no idea what is involved in making a quilt, time or cost. 

I will say this about my daughter, there are many things she does very, very well and I could not have made it the last two years without her help.  She has been my yard person and has worked very hard helping me keep the yard looking cut and trimmed.

As I said my daughter knows nothing about quilt making or sewing.  I always wash my quilts after I have finished with them.  Daughter comes over to pick up quilt and she is looking at the quilt and looks at a specific piece of fabric and says “You washed it and look the fabric has faded”.  The background of the fabric was a pink ombre (beautiful pink shade) with an overprint of wildflowers in delicate shades of purple.  I just had to laugh! 

The quilt turned out nicely and I do hope Miss H enjoys it.  Do you wash your quilts after you finish them?


  1. Except for wall hangings that have fused pieces on them, I always wash and dry my quilts. I like the softness that comes from washing. Having said that, I always pre-wash my fabrics as well so hopefully they have already faded before I put them into a quilt.

  2. I second what Frances said exactly. Unwashed quilts are too stiff.