Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scrappy Quilt Time

I know I have to be the worst of bloggers.  Yet I love reading other blogs and gain so much information and knowledge from them.

 It is spring/summer time and the yard is demanding this time of the year and that is where I have spent lots of my time the past few weeks.  Leaves needed blowing to the back of the woods and weeds alway need my attention.  My major project this year was to plant new shrubs in front of my house and that has been done.  My next yard project is to thin out my daffodils and move most of them to another location in the yard.

I finished piecing a top and it will be quilted next.  It is the navy scrappy star pattern from a Crafty pattern.  Now I am working on another scrappy star quilt and making the 8 pointed star.  The scrapes were taking over my sewing room.

I hope you had an inspirational and happy Easter weekend and I wish you happy quilting.  And I will try to post to my blog more often.

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  1. Don't disparage your absence of blog posts; your quilting puts you in a very high class of artists. The images are just beautiful.