Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bonus Room Cleaning

Today in Georgia we have hunkered down for rain and winds.  They are saying we could have up to 5 inches of rain over the next several days.  I have no appointments so I will be at home and have the opportunity to get caught up on some house cleaning and may a little sewing.

My upstairs bonus room use to be my sewing room and I loved having a designated space to call my own.  But the children became concerned with me having to climb the stairs and I converted one of the downstairs bedrooms into a “downstairs” sewing room.  The bonus room became the dump room after that move.  Everything that did not have a designated place to go was “dumped” upstairs.  Fabric was everywhere up there and I finally got tired of trying to fine what I wanted.  This week I cleaned up my fabrics that were not in bins or storage bins.  Absolutely amazing what I found that I had forgotten that I had purchased.  Now the fabrics are sorted by color or projects and the bonus room is looking so much better organized.  Not perfect, but better.

Today I hope to get started on a new quilt project.  Will keep you posted.

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