Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Cell Phone--Goodby

I was encouraged to get text messaging for my cell phone in case it was needed for an emergency. So I had text messaging added to my cell phone plan. But the phone I had was awkward to use for texting. Off I went to Walmart and purchased the above phone and just to make sure I did not miss anything I had an inexpensive data plan added to my plan. Brought the new phone home and attempted to learn how to use it. Viewed the CD that came with the new phone, went on line and viewed the manual. After more hours trying to learn how to use the new phone and one sleepless night I decided that my life is too short to spend anymore time dealing with a new cell phone and new plans. I think I have received less than five text messages and I never did learn how to get on the internet or get emails. Tomorrow the cell phone is being returned to Walmart and text messaging and data plan being dropped from my cell plan. All I need is a phone to make calls on.
Life is less stressful since making that decision.


  1. I have unlimited texting (part of our plan), but I don't have data on my phone because I don't want it. Personally, I really don't want a cell phone but they're good for emergencies, and if the school needs to get ahold of me because one of the kids are sick or hurt then at least they can reach me if I'm not at home.
    I don't blame you for taking the phone back. Sometimes it all gets to be a bit much!

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