Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Memories Not to be Forgotten

What do you see in this picture? Woods, a gate, a neglected narrow road? A strange picture to post on your blog?

I see a road that winds through the woods to what use to be a house and farm that gave me love, security and peace. This is the entrance to what use to be my grandparents farm and is loving referred to as "The Farm" by our family.

Even today, forty years after my last visit to "The Farm" I could walk every acre and not get lost. As a child I roam over every cow path, hill, lake, creek and pasture by horseback, bicycle, and foot. I know every hiding place a person could hide on these 285 acres. I know where not to go because it is dangerous and I know every hill to sit on for the perfect view of sunrises and sunsets. My life has been pondered on those hills many times. The Farm was my haven from an insane world.

This summer Sweetman and I returned to our hometowns for a visit. I made a swing off the main highway and drove us through the backwoods of Mississippi and returned to the farm area in the middle of no where, where "The Farm" is located. The farming community has changed but I found that dusty road that led to the entrance of "The Farm". I got out of the car placing my feet on dusty, sweet Mississippi soil and took a few pictures of the entrance.

We could not get down to the old house, which is no longer standing so I am told, as the new owners have a locked gate. But is was so good to just stand there and let the good memories flow over my being.

The land is now owned by distance relatives who are commercial farmers.
Sweet, loving memories, a good trip, a trip down Memory Lane.

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