Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When we first married I worked and Sweetman went to collage. Then he went to work and I stayed home for eleven years and took care of our four sweet blessings. When baby boy was eighteen months there were career changes for Sweetman and I returned to work for a few years. Returned home for about a year and then decided to return to the work force. And for almost twenty five years I worked for a major corporation and enjoyed every minute of my career. With a career, a husband and four sweet blessings I had no time left to develop real friendships. But when we retired and moved to our small town my life changed. I had the time and energy to connect with some wonderful people and started developing friendships that I consider to be real gifts. This group of friends are from the Nicholson Quilt Group that meet on Tuesday mornings. The quilts hanging on the walls were made by the leader of this group "Miss Susan". You want to have fun and laughs, join a quilt group.

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