Saturday, August 1, 2009

I think I Am Going Crazy

I think I will go crazy if we don't finish getting the sewing room moved downstairs.
The big hold up is getting the sewing machine cabinet moved from upstairs to downstairs. It is big and it is heavy. Too much for two senior citizens. We are waiting for our grandson to come up for a visit on Monday and I am sure the three of us can slide it down the stairs to the kitchen and then roll it out to the sewing room. No carpet once downstairs. Then I have to get everything in order. Right now I cannot even see the sewing machine with all the junk piled up on the table I am temporarily using.
Today, Sweetman put together a small computer desk for me to put in my bedroom to have a place for the laptop and a printer. Then we have purchased shelves to install in the sewing room to hold some of my fabric stash.
When my house and sewing area is messy I just feel like my life is going crazy. I like order and a plan of what to do next. Hopefully, when Timothy gets here Monday we can get everything straighten out and start getting some order to this mess.
Oh, and wait until I tell you about the house across the street. Must get a picture first. I need some Joy in my life.

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