Thursday, August 6, 2009

The House Across the Street

This is the house across the street from my house. The house went into foreclosure several years ago and ended up being puchased by a retired couple from Florida. They did extensive remolding to the house and it was a very nice looking home. Well, there was that problem on the front where they took out the window in the bonus room to get sheet rock up to the bonus room for part of the remolding. The hardiplank boards they put back on the outside of the house when they reinstalled the bonus room window, some boards were new and they just never did get around to painting them. So the couple moved in with their seven cats and four dogs. Now the Mrs. did not want to leave Florida. So she was never very happy. And then there were other problems in our small town that she didn't like and then she had a run in with a neighbor, that would my household, when the pit in our backyard was being dug up. So this delightful, unhappy Mrs., couple bought some land and a house south of Atlanta and have been moving there for the past month. Now she decided to do something to cover those unpainted boards. So she had the front of the house and one side painted. She had a new roof put on after a hail storm. All of the roofs in our subdivision are black, her new roof is blue. And when she repainted the front of her house she painted the shutters, the front door, the porch, the railings and the bannisters ROYAL BLUE! So each morning I get up and said Good Morning World to a Royal Blue porch across the street. I hope it filled her with great joy. It is her house and she can do what she chooses to do with it. It is now up for rent and I cannot wait to see who my new neighbors are going to be. Maybe she will be a quilter and we can sit and quilt on that beautiful royal blue porch.

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  1. Oh, my, Dot! I hope you like blue houses! Was she trying to irritate you, or does she just have bad taste?