Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday October 31 2015

When I created this blog it was for myself but others had the opportunity to view it if they so desired.
Why, I do not know as it is rather boring, but it does provide me a journal of what is going on in my life at that time.  For the next few months there will be very little about quilting and a lots more about moving. 

Today I have worked in my sewing room.  It is almost 3:00pm and I have managed to pack 4 boxes but have cleaned out a LOTS of junk.  Yesterday I packed two boxes and a bin but again cleaned out so much from a bookcase and had three bags of books for our local library's annual book sale next year.  My dilemma is photos that I have not looked at in 15 years and will have no room to store.  I packed them up and once moved and settled in I am going to go through them and will keep a few, give away the others (if the children want them) and then trash the remainder.

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