Wednesday, March 5, 2014



My blogging just has not happened this year for many reasons.  Today I was thinking about life, family and friends that have been close to my heart the past few years.  I have been truly blessed by many.

After my husband died in late 2012 my next door neighbor saw that I was having problems with my yard being mowed on schedule by my yard service.  It seemed my yard was the last yard to get mowed on their schedule every two weeks.  As often happens in the south the summer afternoon rains would come in and my yard would not get mowed.  So often it was over three weeks between mowing.   

 I cannot mow my front yard myself as it is on a hill.  I purchased  a self propelled mower and mowed my back yard once.  My wonderful next door neighbor saw me mowing and immediately came out and said “No” you are not mowing this yard.  He had all the equipment and a large riding lawn mower and has mowed my yard since that day.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful neighbors and friends.  Today I called his wife and told her that anytime her husband does not have time or energy to mow my yard to let me know and I will make arrangements to have it mowed.  She said “Oh we have that covered as I am going to run the mower this summer for both of our yards and my husband is going to run the weed eater”.  Oh how thankful I am for such loving friends and neighbors.

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