Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Week

This Week

This week has been an interesting week.  July 22 is nine months since my beloved sweet man died.  I thought it would be a depressing day but instead it was a day of more accepting of the events that led to his death.  I have gone over and over the decisions I made the last week of his life and I can now accept that the right decisions were made that were best for him.  I will always love him and have good, loving memories of our fifty-six years together.  He was just the best husband any woman could ever want and I feel so blessed that he chose me to be his wife and the mother of our wonderful children.


Monday I opened up our quilting space for our Monday quilt group.  We finished up one quilt and put another quilt on one of the frames.  It was the third Monday of the month and that means we go out to eat.  Had a tasty lunch at Sugar and Spice, a local eatery in the back of our downtown drug store.  I love their delicious chicken salad plate with fresh fruit and pasta salad.   We quilted until almost three and just had so much fun.  These ladies are truly my dear, dear friends.


Tuesday I went to my Nicholson quilt group, another group of dear friends.  I have been working on some Dresden plate blocks.  Actually they are Dresden plate fan blocks using five wedges.  These were left over from another Dresden plate quilt.  We played around with the blocks trying to see what looked best and I think we decided the wavy, drunkard path, design is best for the blocks that I will have.


Monday I had a call from my doctor’s office informing me my cholesterol was “horrible”.  Since my body cannot handle the statin drugs I have to try and control it with diet and exercise.  Honestly, I have not been very good at doing either since my DH died.  So I am back to walking and watching everything I eat and making much better choices. 


Today, Wednesday, I start working on a 50th birthday dinner for our number 3 child.  When I think about having three of our four children fifty or older I suddenly feel older.  But we will have fun gathering together as a family and celebrating.


I hope you have a happy day and get to spend time in your quilt room.

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