Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Farmer's Wife Sampler

I purchased this quilt book and CD before Christmas thinking what a fun project that would be for 2012.  After Christmas I sat down and really started looking at the blocks and studying the CD.  There are  100 blocks, size 6 x 6 finished.  Most of the blocks will be done using a paper piecing method.
Now I do not enjoy paper piecing.  But my Nicholson group uses another method of paper piecing that I think will make the process move along quicker.  It is the freezer paper paper piecing method.  Yesterday I used the freezer paper method and  liked it very much as compared to the standard paper piecing method.  If I can make one block a day or five a week then I should be finished by July.  I selected fabrics that have a 1940 look.  You can see the first few blocks that I have made.
Will keep you posted on how the project is going.

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