Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fruit Basket Turn Over

When we built our house eleven years ago I was blessed by having a sewing room upstairs in the bonus room. It has been wonderful and it ususally is a mess with all of my fabrics spread out all over the place.

Now, with my Sweetman being ill I cannot get up there very often to sew as he always wants me close by. After three months of very little sewing I made a decision. Today I took the leaf out of the dining room table and tuned the table to give me room in the dining room area to create a sewing area. Then I moved my sewing table and sewing machine down to the dining room. I now have a corner of the dining room as a sewing area.

Our dining room, kitchen and great room is a very open area and should work perfectly for me to sew and Sweetman to sit in the great room and watch TV.
Next week I am going to puchase a TV for the great room.

A little cluttered but a workable solution for now but workable.

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  1. Hi Dot, I think you will enjoy the way you have set up your sewing area. You'll probably closer to the kitchen, too, (I'm only guessing about that) and you can keep an eye on what's cooking.
    For years, our living room was furnished, but used as a great hallway to the front door. With no one home anymore but just DH and me, I decided to make it a used room and moved my sewing machines and stuff in it. It's worked out fine. There's still room for other things, too. Take care . . .