Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I did Today

For years my Sweetman could do anything. He could change diapers, fold diapers, feed babies, entertain kids, haul carloads of kids to ballfields, coach, cheer them on, provide everything a child needs and still love his wife and take care of her. The yard was his domain and I stayed out of it except to suggest where I wanted something planted. But now he has health issues and just can't do what he use to. I love working in the yard and consider it a great way to get much needed exercise. So today I headed for the yard early this morning. This is what I have cut away and hauled to the curb to be picked up on Monday. The one thing he will not let me do is use his chain saw. Darn, I know I could do it! So he did come out late this afternoon and with his foam knee pad on the ground he was able to cut away some very think hedges for me. My superman! I cut back my knockout roses and shaped up some other shrubs. And there is still more to do. There is still lots of sawdust from where we had the trees cut down and I need to get it spread. And I am still fighting that darn English Ivy that I spray with roundup everytime I walk by it.

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  1. I like the yard work, also! Seems like I can just get a peaceful feeling out there doing things in the yard. Away from the tv and the phone (oops, I always have that cell phone in my pocket! LOL)
    I am having a giveaway of the little wall hanging I won last year at the Blairsville quilt show when we met in person. I can't use it myself as there are no longer any children in the house. Come on over!