Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quilts and Quiltmakers

This is a block with sashing that I am using in a new quilt that I am in the process of making. And I have been thinking seriously about my passion for quiltmaking. I am slowly realizing that not all people like or enjoy quilts. To some they are "old fashion" and do not fit into their decorating scheme. To others they are loved and cherished and the more piled on a bed the happier they are. So the question is how do you decide who gets the quilts you are making. I don't have an answer, yet. So if you are my family or friend and see a quilt in my house or workroom and you would really like to have it, let me know. And if you are not interested in a quilt for your house, just don't accept one if it is offered to you. And to my seven grandsons, my quilts are not being made to take on hunting trips or change the oil in your car. They are made with love for all of my family and friends to enjoy.

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