Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vacuum Cleaners

Sorry, no picture today. But I want to vent on vaccum cleaners. Why did they go to bagless cleaners? They are so messy! And oh those poor people who have asthma, how do they handle cleaning them out. And why is a HEPA filter needed. Why not a washable filter. And why do HEPA filters cost enought to go out and enjoy lunch?

I am on my third cleaner in less than ten years. One of those I did break myself! But now the one I am using is slowly going bad. So I am looking for a replacement. But who sells a cleaner with a throw away bag?

I do not need a $500 cleaner. I want something that has a long cord, will do a great suction and light weight so I can handle it if I have to carry it upstairs.

Not too much to ask So if you have a recommendation, please post it on my blog.
I need help!

Happy Quilting (when I am not cleaning out the dumb cleaner)

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