Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tote Bag

I love to sew Tote Bags. Sweetman calls me "the bag Lady" when we are getting ready to go someplace as I always have a bag full of projects or reading material to carry along. I found these two embroidery designs at Embroidery Library and incorporated them into these Christmas Totes. I love lime green. Never wear it but love to use it in quilts. These totes will carry groceries, books and quilt projects for the season


  1. Oh I love this tote! It is so beautiful! Is it hard to make?

  2. Oh, Dot! How gorgeous! I have several bags I want to make, and you have totally inspired me! I just may do that on my sew-in as soon as my current project is finished. (if it ever does get finished! Seems like it is taking forever!)